If you are exploring Natural Medicine for the first time, welcome to your journey into discovering the wonderful power of your body to heal itself naturally.

Peter and Helen each have over 30 years experience in Natural Health Matters.

Peter is an expert practitioner specialising in the treatment of muscle, neck, back and nerve pain.

Peter also specializes in assisting with allergic sensitivity testing and management.

Peter has also developed specialised treatment to assist with functional hormonal imbalances that may affect fertility, pre menstrual syndromes, menopausal problems and problems with memory or with feeling excessively tired or cold.

Peter integrates multiple natural treatment options into one treatment process. This gives you a choice of the therapy you are most comfortable with and the convenience of working with a skilled practitioner to develop the very best and the most cost effective, personalised treatment program.

Peter O’Connell M.A.B.Ac Dip Hom. NZRA, SNTR. N.Z Natural Health Practioner.
Acupuncture | Homeopathy  | Allergen Ssensitivity  Testing | Kinesiology  Testing | Naturopathy

Helen O’Connell Dip. CPT Adelaide.
Lymph Drainage | Massage