What is naturopathy?

The Naturopathic approach helps you to develop food and lifestyle patterns to maximise health, energy, vitality and emotional wellbeing. By eating certain types of foods, providing the body with appropriate nutritional factors and medicinal herbs people often look better, feel more ‘in tune’ and increase their energy.

Are all Herbs and Supplements Effective?

No. There is a huge difference in the quality of herbs and supplements available.
It is best to get professional advice in order to get the best quality for the best price.

Are you tired, unable to concentrate,depressed, get headaches, stomach pain or bloating, have skin problems or get every cold that is going around?

If you suffer from poor health there may be allergens or toxins in your food or environment that are clogging up arteries, overloading the liver or adrenals, depleting the immune system or stressing and poisoning the nervous system.

Is it the liver, immune system, thyroid or adrenal glands?

Kinesiology and Iridology are diagnostic tools to help establish what is going on in the body and where.