Joint & Muscle Pain

Common Causes

• Neck, Spine or Joints out of alignment
• Muscular Spasm, Tension
• Immune system, Viral and Auto Immune problems
• Environmental Toxins like ‘Roundup’ in the blood stream
• Allergies
• Inflammation from injuries or arthritis
• Degeneration

Treatment Options

Acupuncture | Muscle release massage | Kinesiology | Medicinal Herbs | For toxin release: diet and herbal detoxifition

For allergies – check allergenic foods like wheat, dairy, salicylates, sugar and nightshade group

For inflammation – anti inflammatory supplements

For degeneration – nutrients and herbs to nourish repair of damaged disc, cartilage and tendons

For tension – Kinesiology Muscle Release, Deep Tissue Massage and Muscle relaxing nutrients and herbs